Mistress Mimi Official

Unlock your potential with Japanese Dominatrix Mimi

Are you ready to unlock new possibilities and welcome therapeutic healing into your life?  Removing the numb voids that haunts your inner subconscious.

These therapeutic sessions are tailored to your individual needs and are aimed at helping you overcome various issues and activate your sense of meaningful purpose. Through my services, you may also explore your deeper desires and emotions in a safe, controlled space.

Why should you choose Japanese Dominatrix Mimi

Experience: I have more than five years of experience in the field. 


Therapy: I offer therapeutic sessions customized to the individual. 


Explore: A safe environment to explore your emotions and desires. 


Result-Oriented: Unlock possibilities and achieve your desired outcomes. 


Flexibility: I am willing to travel around the world to provide my services - funded fully by you. 

Experience Unconventional Therapeutics with a Japanese Dominatrix Mimi

A Japanese Dominatrix with more than five years of experience in the field is offering therapeutic sessions for naughty boys. She will travel around the world to provide her unique approach to healing, submission and experience that is both unconventional and effective.


  • Help people overcome certain issues and release numbness that may have been inherited over a lifetime stress and pressure.

  • Provide a safe and therapeutic space to explore and unlock more meaningful purpose.

  • Unconventional and effective approach to healing. Reach euphoric fantasies that are only available through rare, unique customization.

  • Experience Sexual Thereputic Dominance that does not exist in the average woman.

  • Professional after care that contributes to you becoming released and more productive in society. (Good Boy!) : )

The Fees $$

The fee for the Dominatrix services will be determined through a negotiation process after a few attempts. However, if you fail to meet the Dominatrix's requirements, I will stop responding to your messages after the third time.

The fees for my services include several components such as session fee, travel fee, time Mistress spends with you, and meals. The session fee covers the cost of the service itself, while the travel fee compensates Mistress for any necessary transportation. I also account for the time and effort put into each project or session, as well as any meals that may be necessary during the process. I strive to ensure that my fees are transparent and include all necessary costs to provide high-quality services to you.

Book now to experience the long-term therapeutic benefits of Japanese Dominatrix "Mistress Mimi."


β€œI've been looking for a professional dominatrix who can help me with some personal issues and embarrassments. I found what I was looking for on Miss Mimi's website. I fantasize about Japanese women a lot, but never been with one. The experience with a dominant Japanese woman was better than I could have imagined. The service description is clear and I am happy with my expenses and tribute. I decided to book a session with her and I have to say, I am completely overwhelmed by her skills and intelligence. She was calm but very firm, physically pleasing, and helped me open up about some difficult experiences. I would highly recommend Mistress Mimi to anyone looking for a professional sadism and therapy experience.”

~ Andreas